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Equity Based Education Funding

Enzi helps eliminate the financial barrier to education through people to people social investing. We invite people to invest in the education of bright students in exchange for a share in their future income for a fixed period of time.

We believe that

  • Everyone has the right to a great education.
  • Nothing should stand in the way of an education, least of all money.
  • We can invest in the potential of young people, regardless of their personal circumstances.
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Our First Class of Enzi Fellows Graduated

Enzi closed a pilot fund at Stanford in March 2010, funding two students for their last quarters.

The pilot was supported by university administration, including Stanford's Director of Financial Aid, the Vice Provost and Dean of Research, and the Electrical Engineering department. Our first two Enzi Fellows received their MS in EE degrees at Stanford's commencement on June 13, 2010. Graduation pictures and profiles of the Fellows coming soon!

Enzi plans to fund a larger group of students in the next academic year. While we will focus on international students, who have very few funding options, we are open to American students as well. Please check back soon for future funding opportunities. If you are interested in joining future classes of Enzi Fellows, please contact us or fill out the application form.

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